I cannot tell all of you how much I have missed your faces. Even those who have come with me online over the pandemic (cuz I still couldn't see them)... I have missed you all TERRIBLY. But I'm thrilled that we've found each other again!

So. Now that I officially have a new home in Parson's Green (HOLY SHIT) I want to be sure you all get a special invitation to it.


So I'm offering to Slicers ONLY: UNLIMITED in-studio classes for just £119/month (normally £169). This is £50 off (1/3 cheaper than anyone else can join) just for you. This page is not listed on the site menu; this deal is ONLY for you. So please don't let anyone else know about this page (cuz I can't afford to give it to everyone and still pay the rent)!


So. If you're interested in BURNING with me in my new lovely little corner of PGreen, please select the package below and set your start date for whenever you like..

I 100% cannot WAIT to see those faces of yours again.

Lots of love (and a cheeky bum smack) from me,

Nesse xxx

  • Dear SLICERS 💜

    Every month
    Here's to our new home.
    • Unlimited live classes PLUS on-demand access