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Nutrition is the absolute FOUNDATION of our state of wellbeing. Eating well benefits the mind, helps maintain healthy weight and organ function, can help prevent/treat chronic conditions, can improve skin, hair and nail quality, improves our mental health and clarity... the list is genuinely endless.

At BarreFly, our Nutrition programmes are all led by our Founder, Nesse Cannon - AANC -certified Nutritionist and specialist in women's health. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Lifestage Nutrition, a Post Graduate certification in Plant-based diets (though she doesn't exclusively work with plant-based clients), and is currently working toward a Masters Degree (MSc) in Clinical Nutrition, not to mention personally managing a number of her own health issues - including extreme early-onset menopause diagnosis (at just 37 yrs old) - in part through her own research into diet and exercise.


Nesse can offer as much or as little help as you need. With the option of a health/hormone/nutritional check via our partners at Forth with Life (who provide at-home blood testing), she offers broad-based consultations in nutrition and physical fitness, through to detailed meal-planning, macros-tracking tools and guidance, and optional personal/group training to skyrocket your overall mental and physical health. 


She believes that proper nutrition should come from food wherever possible, so you'll not walk away with list of pills to buy. You'll walk away with a fully customised plan to get your health closer to where you want to be.  No cookie-cutter plans, app-based solutions, or pseudoscience here.


Your health is too important for that.

Check out our options below, or pop us an email if you have any specific questions. 

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Just ping us a quick note to find out more about our nutrition packages. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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