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Barre London: Barre in south west London

Welcome to BarreFly Barre London, a boutique barre studio in the Fulham & Parsons Green area.

We offer barre classes in London for all abilities; Both online & in studio.

Our barre uses traditional barre methods, with a bit of added burn, rap music & shaking thighs.

The barre class formats

There are four options of class format at the studio:

We have the bend class, which is a gentler, more stretchy class.

We also have our barre class, which is our classic barre work out, with bad tunes & a booty burn.

There is also our burn class, which focuses on burning your booty, abs & arms.

And we also have blast, which is a shorter class, for a quick burn.

About Barre Fly Studio.

We welcome all abilities at the studio & we are totally uncliquey. We are here to have a good time & to make your thighs quiver.

Our instructors are welcoming, supportive & will readjust you if needed.

We offer classes throughout the day & evening, & we are also open on the weekends for all of your booty barre needs.

You can read more about our instructors & our barre studio on our about page here.

Our pricing plans & packages.

We offer a range of different packages to suit different needs.

You can find our full list of packages here.

Or, if you already have a package, then you can book on to our classes on our timetable here.

Also, you can download our app to book your classes at Barre Fly Studios on your phone.

We really look forward to welcoming you to BarreFly!

If you have any questions or would like to have a chat, then please contact us here.

Or please do also follow us on Instagram here.

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