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Exercise Class Fulham: Barre in Fulham & Parsons Green

Exercise class Fulham: Welcome to BarreFly, a bad barre studio between Fulham & Parsons Green offering exercise classes everyday.

We use traditional barre methods, with dirty tunes & a can-do attitude.

You can check out our founder, Nesse (pictured above), on YouTube here to get a feel for what we do at our studio.

Our barre class formats

We have four class formats at our studio:


If you're looking for something a little gentler. Also, great for morning stretching.


A traditional/not-traditional barre workout.


You guessed it... A harder workout that will leave you aching (even more than the other formats).


If you don't have much time but still want to fit in a barre class.

The barre packages.

We offer various packages for classes from individual sessions, to unlimited all the time & also instructor training courses.

Plus, if you're new here, we offer unlimited barre for the first month for only £55.

You can check out our full list of packages on our plans & pricings page here.

About the studio.

We have lockers, changing space, water, mats, weights & also, showers so just bring yourself... No trainers needed.

If you would like to read some more about our studio or if you happen to have any further questions then please visit our FAQs page, or you can also contact us here.

Or to read about our instructors & also our story, please visit our about page.

Our timetables.

We offer a range of different times to suit various needs, including early morning, lunch times, evenings & also weekends.

If you have any suggestions or special requests then please do let us know as this studio is for you, so we want to make it work for you.

You can find our full timetable here. Also, you can download our 'Spaces by Wix' app, as it's an easy way to stay in touch with us & to book your classes on your phone.

We really look forward to meeting you! :)

Find us on Google maps here.

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