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To my ride or die #barrebitches

I cannot tell all of you how much I appreciate you sticking around with me, sweating in your living rooms, putting up with my technical failures, and generally saving my sanity over the last... year? Two years? Who TF knows anymore how long it's been?

Anyway. As of 01 September, BARREFLY LDN (formerly BGFitCo) has an ACTUAL HOME (with real, live ballet barres and everything) in Parson's Green. Ho. Ly. CRAP.


And YOU, you gorgeous thing... YOU, who has supported my little project since the start of the Pandemic... YOU are invited to join the new spot, for UNLIMITED in-studio classes for just £119/month (normally £179). This is a special offer JUST for my long-time #barebitches. This page is not listed on the site menu; it is ONLY for you. So please don't let anyone else know about this page (cuz I can't afford to give it to everyone and still pay the rent)!


So. If you're interested in BURNING with us in the studio to your heart's content, please select the package below and set your start date for 01 September, 2021.

From the very bottom of my heart, my lovelies... THANK YOU.

Nesse xxx

  • RIDE or DIE

    Every month
    COUPON CODE or INVITATION is REQUIRED for this plan.
    • Unlimited access to everything - in studio and online.