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IT'S ALMOST THE HOLIDAYS. Mulled wine, Minced pies. Excess. Debauchery. Hair of the dog... We LOVE THAT FOR YOU. And for us. But we'd like to get there totally prepared - not to just enjoy Silly Season to the fullest - but healthy enough to feel FABULOUS in our party dresses too. AND maybe to make the January 'Bounce Back' a bit less painful...


It's simple. ALL participants MUST:

- Complete at least FOUR classes every week for six weeks.

- Follow (as closely as possible) our special 6-week challenge meal plan, which includes our favourite recipes for every meal of the day AND a suggested daily calorie target. You chose your own menu from the recipes available, and then rotate these every two weeks, selecting new recipes from the available options.

- IF you want to compete for the best results (FABULOUS prize below), you must take before and after photos, and submit food logs at the end of each week. (This is just so we can keep you on track; not so we can judge you. Except for Nesse... Judgemental b*tch.


Aside from feeling much healthier and more FABULOUS than when you started, EVERYONE who completes the challenge gets goodies from us, (including a voucher for a free class for a friend AND a half price PT session) as well as a voucher for a free coffee from our favourite neighbourhood coffee shop, Naive.






IF you want to enter the competition for best results, then you could win all of the above, but your PT session is FREE, and you get a gorgeous treat for two at our favourite neighbourhood restaurant, Koji - including a cocktail each, PLUS 7 pc nigiri AND/OR Rock and Shrimp roll.


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Easy. Just go to Plans and Pricing page, and:


- If you are not already an UNLIMITED BarreFly member, select 'Six Weeks Challenge!' from that page, and get to booking those classes! We will email you the details of the meal plans.

- If you are already a member, select '6 Weeks - Members' and this small supplement enters you into the challenge and gets you access to all of our recipes and meal plans (which we will email to you after you sign up).

And that's it!

The only question now is... ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE?!