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Your favourite instructors featured here.

Aimee Victoria Long

Teaches: BARRE

Aimee's beliefs are all about bringing the best you forward; she wants to nourish your mind and body to help develop your true self in that one hour of your time. Each session she leads will leave you feeling energised, happier and stronger. Her sessions are not easy, but they are fun, dynamic and accessible to all who want to push themselves and feel empowered by the end.

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Anna Kosciuk


This little motyiku (butterfly in Polish) is, simply put, a ball of beautiful energy. She's a Sports Scientist (MSc) who specialises in movement biomechanics and has focused much of her (daytime) work on investigating runners' susceptibility to sport injuries (and how to get them back on their feet) and developing wearable tech to help runners improve their athletic performance. She also has a BSc in Sport Biomedicine and Nutrition (one must combine healthy eating alongside an active lifestyle!) and is currently working on her Personal Trainer Level 3 qualification. 

Anna's boundless energy and bubbly character make for a hilarious and delightful ride on the #paintrain, and has even led her to the big stage; having trained as an opera singer. (Talented bish.)​

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Becki Baldwin


From her background training in dance and completing her 3-year BA (Hons) degree in Contemporary Dance at Trinity Laban, Becki has been teaching barre, yoga and HIIT classes for the past 4 years and absolutely loves being able to share her energy and passion with all of her clients. 


Becki's love for the BURN is real and you can be sure to work up a sweat during her classes. With non-stop tunes and energy to get you through, you will feel like you are having that one-to-one attention, even within a class setting, so that you are able to get the most out of each session. 

Come and meet our little bundle of energy and sunshine at the studio! 


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Screenshot 2020-08-27 at 14.40_edited.jpg

Georgia Brown


Just watch Georgia move and you'll get it.​

This Royal Dance Academy grad marries tremendous strength with unending grace, and then tops it all of with a self-deprecating humour that makes her as endearing as she is #badass.

Look for Georgia bringing that fiyah in BARRE and that sweat in BOUNCE. Though she is a full-time school teacher now, she still pops into the barre from time to time  And whenever she does, the queue is OUT THE DOOR. . 

Georgia's sweet smile, occasional exasperated swear word, and irritatingly fantastic legs will keep you coming back for more and more of that English rose-y burrrrrrrn. (Baby.)

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Holly Prentice


Holly is a Professional Dancer, Actress, fitness instructor and PT with a huge passion for loud music and (a HOL lot of…😉 )sweating. She has performed in venues such as the London Palladium and Royal Albert Hall and has been teaching fitness across South West London and also now internationally for over 5 years alongside her passion for personal training. She is crazy enough to love burpees and always aims to always leave the class with everyone feeling the best version of themselves!

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Holly Capehorn

Teaches: BARRE

Holly is a professional dancer, singer and actress and - after graduating with a diploma in musical theatre and then soon after the pandemic putting auditions on pause - she was promptly looking for a way to combine her love of dance and fitness. Cue falling in love with barre. You can be sure to feel the barre burn all over in Holly’s classes and she’ll always encourage you to push through for those last reps when it’s feeling impossible. Also, her hair is FAB. Everyone says so.

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Maddie Harper

Teaches: BARRE

After graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Musical Theatre from Arts Educational School, Maddie went into the West End to take part in several award-winning productions. She also, subsequently, discovered a love of fitness and the way it made her feel. She combines the grace of a dancer with the ferocity of a fitness pro, and the combination is, well... fire. (Especially in those cheeks.)

Maddie knows how to put you through your paces and believes that Barre is the perfect fitness class to target every little muscle in the body. Her lively and fun approach is a welcome distraction from that full-body burn so - even though her classes are challenging - they are also REALLY FUN. Maddie believes that nothing worth having comes easy and she will make you WORK for every endorphin you release...

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Nesse (Hillary) Cannon


Our Founder - a plant-powered nutritionist, author, speaker, communications consultant, and all-round wellness warrior. Nesse is a four-time survivor of an ugly disease, former professional salsa dancer, part-time politics junkie, and full-time feminist. 


When a series of personal catastrophies collided at once and Nesse's days darkened, she took solace in her beloved barre classes. The studio became her sanctuary and her students her saviours (just... without all the religious stuff). 


The experience led her to investigate the benefits of exercise on mental health, and the science behind "flow" state; eventually leading to the creation of her own brand of fitness — the irreverent, playful, intensely enjoyable variety that literally saved her life. She also speaks on the subject of achieving "Flow", and gives workshops on vegan and vegetarian nutrition for weight loss, disease prevention, and... you guessed it... mental health.


Nesse offers virtual and in-person private health coaching and delivers workshops on nutrition and mental health to businesses around the UK and Europe. ​

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Shannon McAvoy

Teaches: BARRE

Shannon is an American fitness instructor, professional dancer, and dance teacher who's loving life in London! She's naturally an upbeat, motivational instructor with the "you can do it!" attitude and is all about body positivity no matter your age, size, or shape. She is an absolute stickler for correct exercise technique so that her clients get the most out of each class. You'll always get a full body workout in Shannon's classes, but she also prioritizes stretching to increase flexibility and prevent injury.


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Taylor BarreBro_edited.jpg

Taylor Benjamin

Teaches: BARRE, BEND

Original Originally from Devon, Taylor started dancing at the age of 18. Trained at the Doreen Bird College of Professional Dance and Theatre Performance for three years before becoming a member of the postgraduate performance company Transitions, at Laban in London. He has worked at the Edinburgh Festival and toured nationally with 2Faced Dance Company and Kompany Malakhi. Taylor joined British dance company Balletboyz, with whom he toured nationally and internationally for three years. As part of Balletboyz he was involved into dance and film work in Britain, America, Ethiopia, Holland, Italy and the Middle East. Following this, Taylor worked with DV8 Physical Theatre Company creating and internationally touring John for 3 years before joining Company Chameleon. In the years he spent with Chameleon, Taylor helped create and tour 3 productions. 


He has taught and choreographed extensively in London and at vocational schools as well as working as a rehearsal director at NSCD for the dance company VERVE. 


3 years ago Taylor made his transition into fitness training and has been teaching barre, core reformer and Mat Pilates. He has his level 2 in fitness instructing and is currently undergoing his level 3 to become a personal trainer. 

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