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Barre-based fitness for every. body. 

Guided weight-management programmes by 

BNC certified nutritionists.

CPD certified barre instructor training courses

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Four ways to #FLYGIRL

Full-body, low-impact, ballet-based strength training.

We have three formats and two class lengths, depending on your mood, time, and appetite for sweat:

BARRE - classic format and all-round fan favourite

BEND - slower, more ballet-focused stretch-fest, and

BOUNCE - barre class kicked up a notch to bring in more heart-thumping cardio.

BLAST - only got time (or nerve) for a 30 minute express sesh? We got you, babe. BARRE, BOUNCE, BELLY and BOOTY classes are all offered in short, 30-minute 'blasts'. 

All classes are offered live in our gorgeous studio in Parson's Green AND all memberships include  unlimited access to on-demand classes - streamed via the corresponding web channels.

Just the TIP...

Check out this sample thigh set on YouTube and see what that burn is all about. Then check out our plans and pricing page to book yo' backside in for a full class. Or maybe an unlimited LIVESTREAM membership. Or what the heck... OWN EVERYTHING with a full-blown IN-STUDIO and ON-DEMAND Membership.

Greedy aintcha? I see you. 


And I totally get you.

    Fri, 03 Dec
    BarreFly LDN
    Barre is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after exercise classes in the UK (and rightly so). This course is fully CPD-certified (up to 20 CPD points awarded), can be taken with you anywhere in the country, and can be used for group exercise and/or private instruction.


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Listen live in class ("one, two, three, PLAY") or vibe in your own time. Here are the current playlists for BARRE, BEND, and BOUNCE.


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