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We KNOWWWWWW. It's hideous. But it doesn't have to be.

A few changes to your nutrition, exercise, and supplementation routine can makw a WORLD of difference.  Get in touch for a consultation today.

And start feeling better tomorrow.

Created and delivered by Nesse Cannon,
Founder & CEO at BarreFly London.

Thanks to a myriad of health issues, Nesse entered menopause at the ripe old age of THIRTY SEVEN. Not only was there shockingly little information available about menopause at the time, there was even LESS info available for someone of her age going through the change.


As such - through much trial and error, loads of research, about a thousand different hormone replacement combinations, and the completion of a specialist nutrition certification (Menopausal Nutrition, DipNut) - Nesse has been able to transform her body and brain; feeling as fabulous as ever at 45 years old, and fully prepaired to keep it up for the next several decades. 


She has since helped clients all over the UK, US, and Europe to do exactlyYour bespoke Menopause Support Programme will be delivered by Nesse herself*, and will focus on helping you tame the beast that is menopause. You may just find that, once you learn the tricks, it's not so beastly after all...


CONTACT US TODAY for your free consultation.

*Certain dietary requiremenets/health issues may be addressed in association with a trusted partner.


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