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When barre goes BAD (Girl)

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Barre Classes London: Barre brings ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength training together for a low-impact, full-body burn-fest that sculpts muscles, increases flexibility and improves posture.

But BARREFLY is more upbeat, more irreverent, more... fun, frankly, than just about any other barre classes out there. Think trembling thighs, inappropriate jokes, reeeeally offensive hip hop music, and of course... pointed toes. It's barre, but not how you've barre'ed before.

We are boutique studio, with all of the after-class products you need, including a lovely shower (with fancy-schmancy shower products), dry shampoo, and deodorant, even both light and dark hair ties and pins. We've got water in the fridge and chocolates at the counter because, well... chocolate.

And also #balance.

What we we don't have is anything pretentious, cliquey, or unwelcoming. There is no pre-class awkwardness here.

Finally, we're not JUST a barre studio. BarreFly was founded by BNC-certified nutritionist, Nesse Cannon, and offers complete wellness packages, nutritional consults, transformation programmes (although we hate that word), and personal training for those who really need one-on-one attention.

Barre class formats in Parsons Green, London.

We have three class formats: BARRE, BEND and BOUNCE.

We can guarantee (err... in a non-legally-binding sense) that students AND trainers will walk out of every session with sweat on their brows, a tremble in their thighs, and a smile on their faces. That's why classes book up weeks in advance, and why there is currently a waitlist for private clients. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Our BARRE classes are the most like traditional barre. Expect a thigh quiver from a lot of pulsing.

The BEND classes are designed as a moving meditation. They are a flowing format, with more inspiration taken from yoga, Pilates & ballet. Monday morning BEND is a great way to start the week, with gentler movements, but a thigh burn that means you know you've been for a workout.

Then we also have BOUNCE classes, which are a faster paced cardio-based barre class.


Get ready.

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