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In case you need a refresh, here's what you've signed up for so far...




This course will take you through the physiological and bio-mechanical benefits of barre training, barre-specific training technique, the entire range of exercises we offer, including modifications and special considerations, and of course, show you how to create a fun, engaging atmosphere through music, personality, and energy. 


BGBarre was developed and certified by BarreFly London's founder, Nesse. Your qualificaton entitles you to teach at any studio in the UK that's looking to bring a little (more) barre into their lives, to provide those classes virtually yourself, and/or to give one-on-one instruction to private clients. It is fully CPD qualified, so successful completion not only earns you kudos from your students for being so damned FABULOUS; it can also earn you up to 20 CPD points.


The course consists of 2 blocks of in-person workshop instruction with a written exam at the end (see below). You will then need to follow thes workshops with a minimum of 5 assisted-instruction studio classes (where we will team you up with one of our existing Fly Girls to co-teach), and you'll certify by teaching your own full class, attended by our most devoted barrebetches, who will give you the 'bums up' or the 't*ts down'.  



Because barre is a dance-based fitness classs, a knowledge of ballet fundamentals is absolutely crucial... BUT! Don't fret if you're not currently posessed of particularly twinkly toes... 


We have two course options - one for those who come from a dance background, and one for those who don't. So if you need an extra moment to perfect your plié, book in for the "Full Monty" (6 days over two weeks - Friday, Saturday and Sunday for two consecutive weeks). And if your toes have basically been twinklin' since they grew in, feel free to book in for "Just the Facts, Ma'am" (5 days over two weeks). You'll skip all the fundamental stuff and head straight to the mats for #barre-specific training. (This means you skip the first day of workshops, but you will need to send us your dance certification/demonstrate your ballet knowledge or you may be asked to add on the additional day's workshop).


COURSE FEE: £1295 

Fees inlcude all 6 days of the workshop, to provide additional training in ballet fundamentals - positioning, posture, language, and form - plus all materials, and assessment (written and practical). 


Deposit: £550 (due at time of booking)


All course fees are non-refundable, but be transferred to another person, with the express written consent of a Master Trainer, via BarreFly London, Ltd.




We have done our best to create a course that will work with existing schedules of any current fitness instructors. Each day of our 6 day course kicks off at 13.00 and finishes between 17.00 and 17.30 (end times can vary slightly, but we never run past 6pm).


The course runs for the last three days in two consecutive weeks - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


The final Sunday involves a written exam, which must be passed before practical instruction can begin.


Following the workshops and written assessment, each prospective instructor will be required to co-teach a minimum of 5 classes within the next 60 days. A final, 6th class will then be scheduled which will be taught by the prospective instructor alone, but audited by a long-time BadGirl.


Both the auditing trainer and the attendees in the final class will then be asked to evaluate the trainer and - if they all agree - you're a BadGirl, baby.




To enroll in this course, we require at least:


- E2M certification (Ideally Level 2, but level 1 accepted), OR

- Current dance instructor, OR 

- Yoga/Pilates/PT instructor certification 


Please note: You will need to forward proof of existing qualifications BEFORE the course date.


    Bookin' the rest of your course, baby.
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